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House Of Maids: Who are we?
House of Maids is a multi-gaming guild.

The guild is currently focused on Tera, we currently have a vanarchy going in the server Ishara on the region of Europe.

A little history:

House of Maids was created because in Tera you're rewarded for playing together and that is what we indend to do. Our Guild is our End Game.

Like stated above, House of Maids is divided into multiple games, that's why for our second game we want to dive into NeverWinter. We chose this new game due to the simple fact that it's brand new and because a couple of us played the Closed Beta and we really enjoyed playing the Closed Beta of it.

As soon as ArcheAge releases by Trion Worlds we will announce on which EU server we will be playing.

We're very social. Raidcall is active all day.
Upcoming Closed Beta 4 and Open Beta (NeverWinter)

Open Beta

Dungeon delvers of Neverwinter, mark your calendars. We are pleased to announce that on April 30, 2013, Neverwinter, our upcoming free-to-play action MMORPG, will officially enter Open Beta! The Forgotten Realms will soon be open to millions of brave heroes and heroines who cannot wait to join the battle against Valindra Shadowmantle and hordes of other foul creatures on Faerûn. Make a stand and protect the city of Neverwinter against the ever-present dangers surrounding the city.

How would you like to play Open Beta three days before anyone else? How about five days before anyone else? You can do so by becoming a Neverwinter Founder! Early access is just one of many exclusives our Neverwinter Founders receive.

Early Access Exclusives for Neverwinter Founders
Five days Open Beta early access for Hero of the North Founder's Pack purchasers.
Three days Open Beta early access for Guardian of Neverwinter Pack purchasers.
Note: There will be no character wipes after April 25th.

Want to learn more about Neverwinter? Watch our newest "What is Neverwinter?" trailer to see what you can expect from the dangers ahead.

Closed Beta 4

But before then, we will have an additional Beta Weekend Four, from April 12-14, to polish and test features which will be available during Open Beta. Here is just some of what players will experience during the next Beta Weekend